Parking – nose in or tail in first? We settle the argument

Another parking dilemma is driving the nation crazy – should you park nose or tail into a 90-degree parking spot?

Once again, we're at a crossroads of society, where grown adults are fighting on social media as to who is correct – those who quickly turn out of the flow of traffic to park nose in, or those who are prepared for a speedy exit by reverse parking.

We get it, parking is stressful during the holiday period, but this is not something worth getting into a jam over.

So here's how best to tackle a 90-degree angle park.

The case for nose first

See. Turn. Park. Done!

Turning into a spot forwards is arguably faster and gets you out of the flow of traffic quickly. Plus, it has the added benefit of allowing easy access to your boot, which is kind of important when shopping.

Exiting the space can be tricky though, as you have low visibility of traffic approaching from the side and any speed benefits gained while entering the spot can be well eroded by needing either a break in the traffic (rare) or a courteous motorist (rarer) to let you out.

The case for rear first

Is nose first really faster? Backing the car in makes it easier to pivot on a sharp angle, plus the mirrors and camera all point rearward to help guide you to a perfect placement between the lines.

Sure, you may slow others down, but if you're doing it correctly, you won't hold them up for long.

Exiting the spot now means less of the car enters the flow of traffic if your vision is obscured by a large car next to you, and you can even make eye contact with other drivers to ensure your exit is as swift and painless as possible.

The only downside is access to the boot!

Case by case

While a straw poll around the Drive office has us 63 per cent in favour of a reverse park, there are times you'll need to adjust your technique to suit the environment (oddly-shaped spaces, low pipes, needing access for large loads etc).

Bottom line, you'll need to know how to deal with both to be the best driver you can be, but if all variables are equal, a reverse park is always a safer and smarter option.

What do you think? Get a read on the nation by checking our voting poll below:

Some further comments from the Drive team:

"Back it IN Baby ! ... ALWAYS want a Positive Start !!"

"I am a passionate reverse parker 95% of the time - and not just because I need a quick exit (though that's a nice bonus)! Reversing in is absolutely safer in almost every situation"

"I back in. With giant SUVs they seem to turn better in reverse."

"Depends what you drive…"

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