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Safety Technology
Ride Quality
Infotainment & Connectivity
Handling & Dynamics
Energy Efficiency
Driver Technology
Value for Money
Interior Comfort & Packaging
Fit for Purpose

What we love

  • -Enough off-road ability with strong tow rating
  • -Cabin design and execution is excellent
  • -Comfortable and practical for family touring

What we don't

  • -Lack of a hybrid or diesel will be a challenge
  • -Third row not quite spacious enough for tall adults
  • -Big ten grand price jump between top two models
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Nissan Pathfinder Specs:

Variant (1 available)
Image: 2022 Nissan Pathfinder. Model features may vary.
9 Speed Sports Automatic
Drive Type
Fuel Efficiency
10L / 100km
Variant (1 available)
Select Variant (2 available)
Variant (1 available)

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2016 Nissan Pathfinder ST (4x2) review
Owner Review | 23 Nov 2016
Having been a Nissan family owning a pulsar, X trail and our last car being a murano it was difficult entering the market looking for something that could compare. We test drove several other competitor vehicles but it was the fuel efficiency and the size of the boot that drew us to the pathfinder. We have daughters that dance so are always on the road (fuel efficiency) and they have so much stuff!!! (Big boot space) We love the sleek look of the current shape and although it is markedly bigger than the murano it is so easy to manoeuvre through traffic, drives effortlessly up hills and looks sexy! Although we have only had the vehicle for 2 weeks and are still learning of new features something we do love is the ability to control the climate in all 3 zones of the vehicle and because our teen and tween daughters rarely agree they now have to find something else to fight about - which is who gets to charge their phone! Probably the only downside so far is the fact the vehicle has only 1 USB port - several cigarette type charging points but that's just another accessory we need to have in the car We love the warning systems I can now check my tyres whilst the vehicle is active and for a female that may or may not drive her previous vehicles with little or too much air this is a great feature for me lol Engine wise - it does the drive effortless, is super quiet and makes driving a dream - check the website for the technical guff! Super happy with our purchase!
2015 Nissan Pathfinder Ti Hybrid Review
Owner Review | 25 Feb 2015
We bought our 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Ti Hybrid 4x4 after selling our 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee which we owned for two years and needed a 7 seater and evaluated the Toyota Kluger and the Pathfinder. Overall we've been happy with the Pathfinder with the key attractions being the Hybrid drivetrain to save fuel (averages 10l per 100kms), the hugely flexible 7 seat layout, and the entertainment system for the kids on long trips. However there are some cons. When we are stumping up $65k for a car there are some basic features we would expect, especially after looking at the Kluger which we didn't bother to check, but didn't feel we needed to!! For instance, this top of the range vehicle has no auto/speed controlled/rain sensing wipers which is ridiculous when my 6 year old Renault Clio does and our previous Jeep. Also there is no voice recognition for dialling on the phone ir responding to an SMS via Bluetooth and you end up having to use the phone or the onscreen dialpad/phonebook which is hugely unsafe, again just not good enough when our Jeep had this feature for $10k less. Also, the left mirror auto dips when reversing, but doesn't return to its former position, fixing the mirrors everytime after reversing is a joke, which we still have to check on whether this is a fault or a factory expectation. The handle to lift up the under floor compartment in the boot has broken and we've discovered the clear coat on the front bumper is bubbling, on a brand new car!!!! The Bose audio is awesome and the Bluetooth setup easy to configure, however our old Jeep and the Kluger had station recognition and the current song playing on that station but the Pathfinder has nothing like this, it's just the small things.... The Pathfinder is a good car, but not great and the lack of thought in design/innovation is apparent and if Nissan wants to be taken seriously in this segment against Toyota, Hyundai and Kia they have to think more carefully about the driver, which is a shame considering greats cars like the Skyline and 350z came from the same stable. If the Jeep Grand Cherokee came with 7 seats, we would have traded it for the latest model, which when we see one makes us a little sad each time.
2011 Nissan Pathfinder Ti 550 Review
Owner Review | 24 Feb 2015
I have owned the vehicle for three years now, at first I thought what a wonderful vehicle, the servicing has been fixed at $295.oo per service, and having it done through the dealership has had rewarding results. they know the vehicle and me and what I expect from each service although I still check their work. The towing capacity is why we Brought the vehicle for in the first place and along with the power of the vehicle it is very well credentialed and performs as expected with great efficiency. the fuel economy while towing is very good although some pathfinder owners complain about theirs. I have found if you keep your speed to around the 100 k/ phr I am getting around 14.8 ltr/per h.klms , and after having Toyotas, I find this most acceptable. the seven seat configuration is good but you would not take seven Adults on a long trip the information and tech area is very good, a good sized screen that is easy to read and the sat nave also easy to use the down side is the sat nav was made in 2007 and put in a vehicle in 2011 which made it out of date before I had driven it out of the show room, charged $750 to have it up dated 12 months later after much argument with Nissan. Off road the vehicle is very capable but they do not like soft beach sand no matter how soft your tyres are. All in all it is a comfortable vehicle to travel around this great country of ours, being economical to tow a caravan and capable to take down the beach for a spot of fishing, it is also very good around car parks at shopping centres with its smaller turning circle than most four wheel drives. I suppose the biggest problem is the turbo lag the engine could do with the second turbo, as when you are towing a large van around towns you need to have the power when you need it not five seconds later


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