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An all-new Grand Cherokee goes without diesel power in 2022 but brings high levels of refinement to the interior design, materials and driving experience. It can also be had as a seven-seater in the longer wheelbase in L designation, along with a forthcoming plug-in hybrid model.

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Safety Technology
Ride Quality
Infotainment & Connectivity
Handling & Dynamics
Energy Efficiency
Driver Technology
Value for Money
Interior Comfort & Packaging
Fit for Purpose

What we love

  • -Hugely spacious cabin in all three rows
  • -Infotainment and tech a big improvement on predecessor
  • -Handy level of convenience features

What we don't

  • -Omission of tech such as a 360-degree camera
  • -Engine underperforms in 2022
  • -Pricey 
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited review
Review | 23 Aug 2022


Can Jeep recreate the success it enjoyed with the last Jeep Grand Cherokee? We drive the new seven-seat Grand Cherokee L to find out.
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Summit Reserve video review
Review | 26 Jul 2022


Jeep is back in the seven-seat SUV fight, with their new long-wheelbase Grand Cherokee. It's fully loaded with tech, and more premium than ever. But does it all add up into a smart choice?
2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L video review: Australian launchPlayIconRounded
Video Review | 12 May 2022


Jeep takes a big step with its next-generation seven-seater Grand Cherokee. But will a more premium focus prove to be a mis-step?

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe video review: International launchPlayIconRounded
Launch Review | 19 Apr 2022


Remote touring is least suited to our electric future. Yet Jeep is moving toward that future with pace, with a plug-in hybrid Grand Cherokee.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs:

Select Variant (3 available)
8 Speed Sports Automatic
Drive Type
Fuel Efficiency
10.6L / 100km

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Jeep rejects fixed prices for Australia despite changes in Europe
news | 6 Dec 2022
A move to fixed-price sales in Europe, will not be copied in Australia.
2018-2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee diesel recalled due to fire risk
Recalls | 30 Sep 2022
A manufacturing defect could lead to the diesel engine's air intake igniting.
New Jeep Grand Cherokee five-seater delayed to 2023
New Models | 31 Aug 2022
The next-generation, five-seat Jeep Grand Cherokee is now not due in Australia until 2023, in petrol and plug-in hybrid forms.

Jeep, Ram parent company guilty of mass emissions fraud – report
news | 27 May 2022
FCA, the parent company of Jeep and Ram, has agreed to plead guilty to committing emissions fraud between 2014 and 2016.
'Jurassic World Dominion' marks a major automotive U-turn
Culture | 11 Jun 2022
Movie-goers watching 'Jurassic World Dominion' will notice the film's cars have switched from Mercedes-Benz to Jeep.
Access Denied: Unhinged muscle cars perfect for an impending Mad Max future
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Despite a huge range of makes and models available in Australia already, not everything gets a ticket over. Among the missing pieces of the puzzle are some of the most bonkers muscle cars, that surely deserve a place on Australia’s drag strips and desert highways.
2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk: New York scramble
Culture | 26 May 2018
Last year, Trent arm-wrestled the monstrous new Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk through our first drive overseas, and very soon you'll read of our first drive on Australian soil. A hot time at the track, in fact. Recently, though, Tony and Alborz took a Trackhawk touring through New York. This is that story.

Easter Surfing Safari with Jeep
Culture | 2 May 2018
Sponsored by: Jeep Australia.
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo (4x4): owner review
Owner Review | 3 Apr 2021
Jeep Grand Cherokee , So far has been a wonderful car Yes it has faults , which I will get to Firstly , we wanted a vehicle to tow a caravan just under 2 ton with a ball weight of about 180kg. without being full on 4wd and needs to drive car like . that eliminated Rangers , Everest , Landcruisers etc A few others could handle 2 ton, only just, but struggle with tow ball weight., So the safety margin was too small for my liking That left Ford Territory pretty much an obsolete car , but fit for purpose and drives well Got us to the Jeep, But mindful of past history, we took a punt. It can tow 3.5 ton with a tow ball rating of 350kg, so the safety margin was huge Pros, 3.0 ltr diesel , what a beast, 570nm of torque, Once moving, has more than enough power to cope with anything. overtaking and hill climbs is a breeze. Not much else compares with that. 8 speed auto blends perfect with the engine , is never left struggling or hunting for the correct gear. If required when towing , paddle shifters work well, but more often than not , leave it to look after itself Economy, around town about 8.5 ltr /100km Towing 2 ton, on 2 recent trips of of 10,000km and 2500km average fuel 12.9 ltr /100km And the bonus a 93 ltr fuel tank, which gives us a very useful range of 600km plus when towing with a good bit in reserve , and 900km without Van. The car is very comfortable, quiet , and very car like to drive.and a surprisingly agile turning circle Reverse camera works very well , makes hitching the van a one man show Features , Dual zone air con , Cruise control, Sat nav. Now its not all plain sailing , It does have a number of negatives. Such a brilliant engine, but it does have a fair degree of turbo lag, very noticeable when unladen , not so much when towing . My observation is, when moving of with an extra 2 ton , we expect a slight delay ,so it does not become so noticeable . Unladen from standstill we expect instant response, which you don't get with gentle acceleration The Parking brake , I think the days of foot operation has long gone, time for a change to electric. I don't mind indicators on the left But on that one stalk on the left , we have, indicators wipers , front and rear , high beam, you name it , its all on one stick. Give me two stalks , one each side , I don't care which side. Yes it does have auto wipers and high , but sometimes you need to manually operate them and can be a lucky dip to to select the right function. It does have wonderful multimedia controls on the steering whee,l 3 buttons on the right side and three on the left side, but why are they on the reverse side of the steering wheel facing the dashboard , with no visible icons to show what the functions are. There is real estate space on the front facing the driver for these controls. Are these negatives a deal breaker , Definitely Not. Is the vehicle fit for the intended purpose . Most definitely
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited (4x4): owner review
Owner Review | 19 Dec 2020
I, being a long term Toyota driver, had everyone shocked when I switched to a Jeep. I must admit, I was a bias Prado driver and had been for many years. My wife was obsessed with Jeep Grand Cherokee's ever since their mid 2013 facelift and every time we passed one she'd shout 'Jeep!'. I always thought they were nice enough cars but had heard too many horror stories to justify the switch from Toyota to Jeep. At the start of 2020 our 2013 Prado GXL hit 200,000km. We thought it was time to change however we weren't in the position financially to buy a new vehicle. Our first option was to buy a second hand Prado with lower kms than ours as it was what we were used to and just seemed like a sensible choice. We had one picked out that we were going to see, when we got to the dealership my wife spotted a Grand Cherokee in the corner of her eye and dragged me over to it. Like any other car salesmen would he spoke very well about it however didn't really go into any of the features. We took it for a test drive, however she wanted me to drive, as she had already driven her friends one. I was shocked at how smooth it was, riding on 20 inch wheels and was amazed at how nice the vehicle was in general. The massive responsive touchscreen, the ultra soft leather seats, power tailgate and my favourite feature the power operated steering column. The model we test drove was a 2014 Overland and was a little out of our price range however we did our research and figured that a full specced Limited model would be within our means financially. I still had reservations after only driving Toyota's and never having any major problems. We ended up purchasing a 2015 Limited 3.6L V6 Petrol with Sunroof option and Nappa Leather option (this means it gets Heated and Cooled seats, rather than just heated) We also bought extended warranty to be on the safe side. The engine is adequately powered however lacks high range torque (the diesel would solve that problem). Jeep claims that it uses 10.4L/100km on the combined cycle however with a fairly equal mix of in town and country road driving we average around 11-12L/100km which isn't horrible but isn't the best. The engine (which is similar to the Kluger's V6 engine) sounds way better when you plant your foot than a Kluger, Pathfinder or CX9 of the same age (all of which have similar power outputs). Small niceties such as the seats that move to your driving position when you start the engine and the electrically operated steering wheel make you feel like you are driving something worth $100K+. The 8.4 inch touchscreen is incredibly responsive and easy to use however sometimes it can be hard to connect your phone to play music through bluetooth, however I usually just use a USB chord for that anyway. Almost everything in this vehicle is customisable. Even whether you want the electric tailgate (boot) to beep when it opens! It even has a heated steering wheel which I didn't even know was a thing until I bought this car! The doors have a satisfying click/thud sound when you shut them and are also satisfying when you open them as you can feel them unlatch, literally!! The centre console, however, is ridiculously small as the CD player is located in there. The Bi Xenon headlights are very bright and are auto levelling. They also turn off high beams when they see a car coming toward or in front of you which is usually accurate and very helpful! The Digital speedo looks great and makes it very easy to see what speed you are doing and can display lots of useful information such as Tyre Pressure, Batter Voltage, Oil Temp and Oil Life. Jeep service prices are very high though which could be solved by using a local mechanic instead of Jeep themselves. We have now owned the car for 7 months and have put around 18,000kms on it and have had no issues at all (big or small). I know this isn't a long time, however I was really expecting something to go wrong by now considering all the negative comments about Jeep. I don't think the interior feels as spacious as a Prado (maybe its just the black headlining) and rear legroom is tighter than other SUV's. It is by no means a small or cramped interior, however it just doesn't feel huge (which might be a good thing). The driving position is quite high and close to the dash, however I quickly got used to it. The LED DRL's and LED front indicators make it look like a European SUV and are one of my favourite features. Given that the Grand Cherokee hasn't changed at all (it has had a very minor facelift) since 2015, I definitely think it is time for an update, however, if you are in the market for a 2015 SUV then I think you should 100% consider the Grand Cherokee. Please note that the engine light in the photo is because the vehicle isn't switched on it is just in accessory mode :)
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit: owner review
Owner Review | 16 Oct 2020
Well, who would have thought this.......I wanted to get out of my 5 year old Navara ST-X work vehicle and into an SUV. I canvassed all the brands, including the Toyota Prado Kakadu and decided on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit. The standard motor is the Italian Motori 3L Turbo V6 (same as the Maserati Levante) mated to an 8 speed ZF transmission. The motor is strong, very quiet with powerful acceleration. The transmission shifts are imperceptible. Highway cruising with the standard radar cruise control is a breeze and very safe. One amazing feature not even found in cars 3 times the price is the Active Noise Cancelling feature, aided by sound reducing front and rear screens and special laminated door glass. You literally do not hear any traffic noise outside of the car, including passing traffic coming in the opposite direction! The Summit is the quietest car I have ever driven. I also have the occasion to tow customer's large trailer boats and this the diesel Grand Cherokee does with ease...up to 3500kg. I ordered Bright White with the Black Nappa Leather interior....the paint finish is perfect and the leather trim and general design and finish of the interior is to European standards.....still totally surprising. I am 6'2" tall and the driving position is perfect with multi-directional power/memory seats, all heated and cooled. I use the Summit 5 days a week and since March, 2020 delivery have travelled 17,000 kilometres. The 2 longest trips have been Sydney to total comfort with 2 brief stops each way and averaging 8.4 litres per 100 klms. City driving averages 9.5 litres per 100 klms. The U-Connect system is brilliant. Perfect sound quality from the standard Kardon Harmon system with speakers everywhere, Apple car play, DAB radio, bluetooth, the best mobile connectivity and navigation system....and typically bloody easy to use!! These cars in my opinion are very underrated, due to some poor back up and marketing a few years ago, I believe. It appears that FCA have woken up and with a 5 year/100,000 klm warranty they seem to have reinvented themselves. Dealerships still appear to be a little thin on the ground around the place. Overall, coming from a MB owner (currently 2013 CLS500 and 2016 C250), I am more than surprised with the Summit package as a has so far delivered everything I have expected without a single issue. And significant deals are out there as well. $10,000 came straight off the drive-away pricing in my case. In a nut shell......I would very, very highly recommended the Summit if you are looking to purchase a medium sized fully equipped diesel 4WD SUV in a sensible price range. The Summit is a very tough, well built and laid out SUV with every possible option as a standard feature, similar to what you will find in the optioned up European line up, all costing twice the price.

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 8 (4x4) review
Owner Review | 18 Aug 2019
If you are a v8 or muscle car fan but love the practicality of a SUV then step this way have I found a car you might want to check out, The 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Srt. Since I was a kid I have been bought up in a Holden dominant family which has sparked my love for Hsv. So as soon as i turned 18 i bought my first one a 98 Vt gts. From there I went to the faithful vz clubsport r8, but being a country boy and living on a farm I found these cars an absolute nightmare to drive and look after in these conditions so I would always have to own a 4x4 as my daily for practicality. But over the years I was becoming bored of my old turbo diesel pajero and its extreme lack of power and thought to myself, wouldnt it be nice to have a SUV that actually had a decent powered engine it in particularly a v8. So I decided to do some research and the car that came to my attention was the jeep srt. I bit the bullet and purchased a 2014 grand cherokee srt and what can I say? What a machine With its monstrous 6.4 litre hemi engine producing 344 kw of power and 624 nm of torque and ZF 8 speed auto transmission it's certainly no slouch producing 0 to 100 times under 5 seconds which will embarrass many falcon and commodore drivers at the lights on town. It has massive 6 pot Brembo brakes up front and four pot at the rear. It has bilstein adaptive suspension with will tighten up when in track and sport mode. It drives very well for a 2.5 ton awd with very good handling and minimal body roll and sometimes makes your forget you are actually driving a car this big. Fuel economy is not too bad when cruising on the freeway due to its active cylinder deactivation averaging around 14 litres per hundred but when you put the foot down it is a different story jumping upwards of 20 l/100, which I think is worth it the the amazing sound of its Hemi engine when woken up. Inside the cabin is quite nice too, the seat are nice and supportive and fully adjustable. The front seats are heated and ventilated and the rear are just heated the dash is nice overall but I have heard of alot of issues with the carbon fiber trim falling off and lifting which would be quite frustrating for owners. The only two other things I dislike inside are the t bar shifter is quite awkward to used but has been changed to alot better conventions one in 2016 and I'm not a massive fan of the foot operated park brake as it can sometimes get in the way when resting your leg on longer trips. All in all I think they are very impressive for the money compared to its euro rivals at around 100k drive away and they have everything you want and more in a new SUV these days , but the main reason I love them is they look and sound incredible and that hemi engine is certainly a gem. They certainly have some flaws with their questionable reliability and build quality, but I honestly challenge anyone after a powerful v8 SUV to find a better one for the money

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Limited 3.6L SUV 4XD

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2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Night Eagle 3.6L SUV 4XD

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