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Mahindra is one of India's largest vehicle manufacturers and has forged a reputation for reliability and longevity though its farming an industrial products. Mahindra's automotive range is simple, but aims to deliver the same quality and value.

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$ 26,990 - $ 38,500* MRLP
2020 Mahindra Pik-Up S10+ dual-cab review
Review | 20 Aug 2020


They don’t build ’em like they used to, except in the rare instance when they do – like stepping back in time with the Mahindra Pik-Up.
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2019 Mahindra XUV500 W10: is Australia's cheapest SUV a winner?
2018 Mahindra Pik-Up S10 4x4 dual-cab review
Review | 29 May 2018


Simple. Rugged. Cheap. As far as hard-working utes go, the demands are fairly simple, yet the dual-cabs we’re most familiar with seem to be moving away from that formula. However, the Mahindra Pik-Up still has the basics covered.

2018 Mahindra XUV500 Petrol review
Launch Review | 6 Mar 2018


As the cheapest seven-seat automatic SUV in Australia, the Mahindra XUV500 makes a play for the sensibilities of Aussie families who might otherwise turn to used-car lots for their family-hauling needs.
2023 Mahindra Scorpio-N due in Australian showrooms early next year
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The 2023 Mahindra Scorpio-N is expected launch in Australia in April 2023, but its safety features remain unclear.
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India's Mahindra has revealed a new seven-seat 4WD – but it lacks key safety technology set to become mandatory in Australia within nine months.

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2016 Mahindra Genio:: Tradie Test Review
Culture | 18 Apr 2016
Usually we test a car for about a week and put it through its paces in the CarAdvice garage. That wasn't the case with the 2016 Mahindra Genio.
2014 Mahindra Genio 4x4: owner review
Owner Review | 14 Dec 2020
My Mahindra Genio review after 118000 ks it's had a new turbo , a new diff , 3 sets of tyres . Generally used for long distance travel with a slide on of around 900kgs. Now the story Firstly it was bought to replace a flat top 2.7 ltr natural asperated 5 speed 1.5 tonne diesel , the first thing that caught My eye was the intercooler second was the arm rests third the cabin space , the price was excellent for a 1.2 tonne 4x4 , so off I went , the sales guy was as professional as any I've met . The experience after purchase , getting the first service was an experience just to get the oils changed at 1000ks , at around 6000ks engine light flares but nothing odviousley wrong so Mahindra advise not critical , I drove to Mahindra dealer some 1000ks later to be advised the turbo has malfunctioned and needs replacing 7 days later I picked the car up , another story here . The next major issue was at 68000ks , the catastrophic differential failure and finding 3 bolts out of 10 holding ring gear on and all bolts and ring gear lost any hardening , this was replaced wheel to wheel at My cost . My experience with Mahindra dealers has been fairly average , broken bolts , cut washer hoses , Un fitted radio aerial , it's now serviced outside of Mahindra service centres with service parts sourced on open market . Over the time I have owned this vehicle excluding the above issues it drives and cruises extremely well for the money , brakes are great they match the performance of the 5 speed turbo charged 16 valve 2.7 ltr engine cruise control is necessary to limit speed creep. Overall I am happy with the Genio I am not impressed with the cost of parts as charged by Mahindra dealers ,but, realising You can buy 2 Mahindra's for close to the same price of the best selling competitor I think some issues must have been expected . Body wise it has held up ok considering it's not garaged , travels western roads at near the speed limit . From an improvement point this variant is no longer available new ,however , I think the oil levels mentioned in the manual need some attention as does the service intervals for the rear wheel bearings
2016 Mahindra Xuv500 (FWD) Review
Owner Review | 5 Apr 2016
My car only done first 10000 kms I love the fact that it gives me relaxed economy of about 13.6 kms a litre of fuel with air conditioning on in local traffic, and 14.6 kms per litre on highway with air con on. I did not have any issues with engine or any thing but do feel that suspention is bit hard and even small bumps will rattle the cabin I had issues with noisy front and rear left passenger seats and some tuck tuck sound comes from front when ever I enter and exit the roundbout, which is quiet annoying, my car is up for 10000 kms today and they promise they will rectify all of these minor issues, Mahindra has to work provide more service network cause that have only one partner place in Adelaide down salsubury plains which takes me 40 min of drive. We been to Brisbane with no issues. Look over all car has turn some heads. My friends appreciated the space it offers in third row as well and comfort of charging points and ac vents. Look I love the car but it has room for inmnprovment with suspention and service network. My friend has same car with 150000 kms and his car engine is quiter than mine, and he did not have any major issue with the car, my car engine sound Lou but maybe it needs to break in. Loom if they can grow service network in south Australia i will definitely recommend.
2016 Mahindra Xuv500 (AWD) Review
Owner Review | 6 Mar 2016
I have owned an XUV500 AWD since April 2013 and it is now close to the 130,000 Kilometres service interval. The faults so far were disc brake pads grinding from new which were replaced at the first service. The second was gradual failure of the front door locking and unlocking mechanism which was rectified under warranty at the 110,000 Kilometre service. And at 120,000 Kms front shock absorbers were recommended for replacement and the rears were also changed too because of the continuing planned long distance travelling. This excellent SUV has been driven in six States and has mostly towed a caravan, a large fibreglass boat including interstate trips and a box trailer. The diesel fuel average economy has been 6L/100Klm on highways and 9-10L/100Klm towing the heaviest boat trailer weighing 1,800 Kg fully laden and travelling at GPS speed averaging 85 KMH on highway. It is very comfortable for long distance driving and for passengers. The build quality is excellent. One mechanical change I would recommend is a lower first gear to make steeper hill starts with heavier trailers easier. The 6-speed gearbox is smooth and easy to use. The torque and power of the diesel engine is satisfactory for towing and the XUV500 is rated to 2,500 Kg with a maximum 160 Kg tow ball loading. Power and economy of operation is very good. I do not use the third row seats and believe these should be optional which would make the cargo area floor flatter. But this is not a problem, just an observation. I have used the AWD lock and hill descent off road on farms and climbing up from a river flat to higher ground on a very rough track was achieved with no drama in wet conditions. On road dynamics/handling is very good and superior to my '99 build Mitsubishi Pajero which handles reasonably well at highway speeds. The AWD Mahindra XUV500 is excellent value for money and although dealerships are few obtaining service parts is not difficult. I do carry basic spares such as oil filters when travelling into more remote areas. I will definitely buy another XUV500.

2012 Mahindra Pik-Up (4x4) Review
Owner Review | 22 Jul 2015
I've owned my dual cab Pik Up since November 2012 & have so far done 87000km in it , I am extremely happy with the vehicle & would recommend people give Mahindra a go as a 4x4 it's excelent . I use it to tow a outback poptop & whilst a little more power would be nice it doesn't struggle , it's simple but comfortable , I've driven it from Brisbane to Mission Beach towing the van in a 26hr time frame & was not stuffed at the end , even towing the range of the 80lt tank is about 700km not towing I can get about 850km . Another good point is the cost of parts & the after sale service this has been first class from the dealer & Mahindra . I agree that you do sit a little close to the side , I'm about 5'9" & 92kg & I don't find it to be an issue . Another thing I've noticed is a little turbo lag this is manageable though & maybe I shift into 4L a little earlier than some other 4x4s however usually the going has got to a point where you need to go steady anyhow , just to finish I enjoying driving this 4x4 in the bush or city it makes a good base to build up a great 4x4 tourer so don't let the name put you off all the others had to start somewhere to get the reputation they now have.
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